Tangale Nature Reserve


Gov.RegulationDecree of the Minister of Forestry No 431/Kpts-II/1992
DateMei 5,1992
Large (Hektar)112,50
Technical implementation UnitBKSDA Gorontalo
NoteThe Tangale forest area belongs to the Nature Reserve area under management status of the Natural Resources Conservation Center (KSDA) in Manado, but the area is managed by Bogani National Park Nani Wartabone.

Based on the Decree of the Minister of Forestry no. 431 / Kpts / II / 92, dated May 5, 1999 of the area of 113 ha, which is reserved for the protection of flora and aesthetics.


City/ResidenceKabupaten Gorontalo
DistrictKecamatan Tibawa
VillageDesa Labanu


Elevation (mDpl)
the Tangale Nature Reserve area has topography ranging from lowland to hilly with a slope of about 60 ‘. Soil type of sandy clay is grayish and rocky.
Climate type …? (Schmit&Ferguson);
-; Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council check… 



Limboto watershed


IdentificationThe tree species that dominate the area are Ficus spp with tree height reaching 30 m-50m diameter 50-150 cm, Artocarpus sp. Dracontomelon dao, Diospyros sp., Pangium edule, Garuga floribunda, Sterculia spp. Pleomele elliptica is usually a form of terna-shrubs, many found in the form of trees with a height of 15 m and diameter up to 30 cm.

The dominant species of shrubs or small trees are Gnetum gnemon, Lunacia amara, Taxotrophis illicifolia which is dense and spiky.

While the types of plants that grow a lot include Aglaonema simplex, Oryza meyeriana, Piper sp., Strobilanthus sp., Pothos sp., Pandanus sp., Donax canaeformis. Schindapsus sp., Smilax sp.

The types of liana plants or climbs include Dioscorea hispida, Tetrastigma lanseolarium, Tetracera scandens., Arcangelisia flava or known yellow wood is also found in flowering. This latter type is one of the many species used as ingredients of medicine and began to rarely found in the forest, due to excessive use without cultivation. Even this type has been recorded as one of Indonesia’s rare herbs (Sulistiarini, 9).

For this type of palm is Areca pinnata, Licuala sp., Levistona rotundifolia, Calamus sp. Caryota mythic. The types of spikes that are encountered include Selaginella, Lygodium, Stelenochlaena, Pteris etc.

Type of orchid in the area is not much found, the type encountered include pigeon orchid (Dendrobium cruminatum). Flickingeria fimbriata, Robiquetia spatulata, Oberonia sp. which generally have small flowers.

Plants around the river found many types of cashew (Syzygium spp.), Barringtonia racemosa, Derris elegans, Tetrastigma lanceolarium, found also one type of Gossipium sp. which has a striking yellow flower.

The evaluation results of the identified species, obtained some information as follows. : Type starfruit Averrhoa sp. (Oxalidaceae) is indicated as a new breed named Aleucopetala Rugayah & Sunarti. This species was also collected from the Panua Nature Reserve area in Gorontalo and is now also a collection of living plants Bogor Botanical Garden. The dispersal area to date is only known in Gorontalo. The other species of the Euphorbiaceae tribe Mallotus griffithianus (Mull. Arg.) Hook.f. and M. macrostachyus (Miq.) Mull. Arg. As well as Cleome aspera Koen.ex DC. (Capparidaceae) recorded as a new recording for Sulawesi).

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Overview of flora in Gorontalo
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IdentificationBirds: hornbills,…

Primates: Sulawesi black macaque or Macaca hecky, pygmy cuscus, tarsier ….

Mammals: …

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Overview of fauna in Gorontalo
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