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Situ Rawa Arum

PROFIL Maps; google maps link Name; Situ Rawa Arum Note; The emergence of Situ Rawa Arum began when the eruption of Mount Krakatau in 1883. The eruption of Mount Krakatoa was very great resulting in a tsunami that is so big. At that time Situ Rawa Arum was still a village called Tegal Lega. The tsunami sank

Rawa Danau

PROFIL Maps; google maps link Name; Rawa Dano Note; Rawa Dano is a very unique swamp area, because it is the only “mountain swamp” in Java, this area covers an area of 3500 hectares … Conservation; Nature Reserve Rawa Dano; Nature Reserve Mt. Tukung Gede ;– GOVERMENT ADMINISTRATION Province Banten City/Regency 1. Kabupaten Serang2. Kabupaten Pandeglang District
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