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Mt. Colo

PROFILE Maps;  Google Map  Link (*only for information); Name: Mt. Colo; Note: Colo Mountain is a solitary volcano in the Gulf of Tomini and is away from the subduction zone. The nearest volcano is the mountains in the mainland of North Sulawesi which is the product of subduction. Colo volcano is not a volcano formed by plate

Togean Island Marine National Park

REGULATION Gov.Regulation Decree of the minister of forestry No 418/Menhut-II/2004 Date Oktober 19, 2004 Large (Hektar) 362.605,00 Technical implementation Unit Balai Taman Nasional Kepulauan Togean Note Togean Islands National Park is a national park in the Togean Islands located in Tomini Bay, Central Sulawesi which was inaugurated in 2004. Togean Islands National Park is an
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