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Mt. Arjuna-Welirang Complex

PROFILE; Maps;  Google Map  Link (*only for information); Name: Mt. Arjuna-Welirang Complex ; Note: Mount Arjuno is adjacent to Mount Welirang, Mount ‘Kembar I’, and Mount ‘Kembar II’. The summit of Mount Arjuno lies on one ridge equal to the peak of Welirang mountain, so the complex is often referred to as Arjuno-Welirang. The Arjuno-Welirang complex itself

Mt. Penanggungan

PROFILE; Maps;  Google Map  Link (*only for information); Name: Mt. Penanggungan; Mt. Pawitra Note: Mount Penanggungan (formerly named Mount Pawitra) (1,653 m above sea level) is a cone volcano, is resting. Mount Penanggungan is a small mountain located on one cluster with Mount Arjuno and Mount Welirang which is much larger. Mount Penanggungan is often referred to

Tretes Nature Tourist Park

REGULATION Gov.Regulation Minister of Agriculture Decree No 425/Kpts/Um/10/1975 Date Oktober 23,1975 Large (Hektar) 10 Technical implementation Unit BKSDA Jawa Timur Note Arjuna mountain forest area designated as Tretes Nature Park Area based on Decree of Minister of Agriculture Number 425 / Kpts / Um / 10/1975 dated October 23, 1975 on Temporary Appointment of Most

Raden Soerjo Forest Park

REGULATION Gov.Regulation Decree of the Minister of Forestry No 80/Kpts-II/2001 Date Mei 19,2001 Large (Hektar) 27.868,30 Technical implementation Unit UPT BKSDA Jawa Timur Note The pilot of Raden Soerjo Forest Park establishment started in 1992, with the launch of a forest area covering Anjasmoro Mountain Forests, Mount Gede, Blue Mountains, Limas Mountain, and Arjuno-Lalijiwo nature
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