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Ulumasen National Park

REGULATION Gov. Regulation Ministry decision letter …? Date – Large (Hektar) 738.856 Technical implementation Unit BKSDA NAD Note On February 6, 2008 Ulu Masen became the first REDD project to be certified by Climate Community and Biodiversity (CCB) standards…? GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION Province Nangroe Aceh Darussalam City/Regency Kabupaten Pidie Kabupaten Pidie Jaya Kabupaten Aceh Jaya Kabupaten

Pocut Meurah Intan Forest Park

REGULATION Gov. Regulation Decree of the Minister of Forestry Number 95/Kpts-II/2001 Date Maret 15, 2001 Large (Hektar) 6.300,00 Technical implementation Unit UPT BKSDA NAD Note Beginning in 1930, when the area of ​​Seulawah Agam volcano is defined as a forest area.Forest Management Unit of Forest Park of Pocut Meurah Intan was originally named Taman Hutan Raya
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