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Mt. Dempo

PROFILE; Maps;  Google Map  Link (*only for information); Name: Mt. Dempo; Note: Mount Dempo is the highest volcano in South Sumatra that lies between ridge mountains and Gumai. The highest peak is called Mount Merapi with an altitude of 3173 meters above sea level or 2900 meters above the highlands of Pasumah. The other peak is Mount

Gumai Pasemah Wildlife Reserve

REGULATION Gov.Regulation Decree of the minister of Forestry No 76/Kpts-II/2001 Date Maret 15, 2001 Large (Hektar) 46.123 Technical implementation Unit BKSDA Sumatera Selatan Note Gumai Pasemah is designated as Wildlife Sanctuary based on the Minister of Agriculture No. Sk. 408 / Kpts / Um / 6/1976, dated July 30, 1976 of 45,883 ha, was amended
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