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Zamrud Lake

PROFIL Maps; google maps link (*only for information) Name; Zamrud Lake(Bawah Lake; Pulau Besar Lake) Note; The ‘Zamrud’ lake located in the wet peat swamp forest. This area is located between the Kampar and Siak Watersheds, which are generally part of a wider ecosystem, namely the Kampar Peninsula Peat Swamp Forest Ecosystem. The ‘Zamrud’ lake consists of

Zamrud National Park

REGULATION Gov.Regulation Decree of the Minister of Environment & Forestry No.350 -2016 Date Juli 22,2016 Large (Hektar) 31.480 Technical implementation Unit BKSDA Riau Note Formerly the National Park of Zamrud is the Great Lakes Lake Great Lakes-Lower Lake area. Then in 2016 designated as a National Park through a long process. The effort has been made
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