Tag: Kabupaten Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan

Air Hitam Lake

PROFIL Maps; google maps link (*only for information) Name; Air Hitam Lake Note; … Conservation; GOVERMENT ADMINISTRATION Province South Sumatra City/Regency Kabupaten Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan; District Kecamatan Pedamaran Village Desa Cinta Jaya; Desa Pedamaran V; Desa Menang Raya; Desa Suka Pulih PHYSICAL CONDITION Formation Natural Lake;… Average Length(from google earth) 1.847M Average Width(from google earth) 1.135M

Ranau Lake

PROFIL Maps; google maps link (*only for information) Name; Ranau Lake Note; Lake Ranau is the second largest lake in Sumatra. This lake was created by a large earthquake and volcanic eruption from the volcano that made a large basin.… Conservation; Gunung Raya Wildlife Reserve; Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park; GOVERMENT ADMINISTRATION Province South Sumatra Lampung; City/Regency 1.1

Mt. Pesagi

PROFILE; Maps;  Google Map  Link (*only for information); Name: Mt. Pesagi Note: Mount Pesagi is one of the protected forest areas in the Regency Lampung Barat, Lampung Province. Information on the structure and diversity of plants in Mount Pesagi has never been reported,  until research conducted by Cibodas Botanical Gardens Conservation Center, 2016 ago,… Conservation: Gunung Raya

Gunung Raya Wildlife Reserve

REGULATION Gov.Regulation Decree of the minister of Forestry No 76/Kpts-II/2001 Date Maret 15,2001 Large (Hektar) 50.950 Technical implementation Unit BKSDA Sumatera Selatan Note Gunung Raya Wildlife Reserve was originally a Gunung Raya Forest Group of 39,500 ha based on RB, October 9, 1936 Number 298 / A located at Dati II Ogan Komering Ulu. In
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