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Mt. Dieng

PROFILE; Maps;  Google Map  Link (*only for information); Name: Mt. Dieng; Dieng Plateau Note: Dieng Plateau is an active volcanic area in Central Java, which belongs to Banjarnegara and Wonosobo regencies. Located in the west of the complex of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. The name Dieng comes from a combination of two Kawi words: “di” meaning “place”

Mt. Ungaran

PROFILE; Maps;  Google Map  Link (*only for information); Name: Mt. Ungaran Note: Although there is no specific record of volcanic activity on this mountain, there are hot springs at the foot of the mountain indicating geothermal activity underground. The location of the hot springs is located at Gedong Songo and Gonoharjo Temple, Limbangan, Kendal. Ungaran volcano material

Pagerwunung Darupono Nature Reserve

REGULATION Gov.Regulation Decree of the Minister of Forestry and Plantation No 115/Menhut-II/2004 Date April 19,2004 Large (Hektar) 33,2 Technical implementation Unit BKSDA Jawa Tengah Note Pagerwunung Darupono Nature Reserve was originally a teak plantation that was later allowed to experience its own succession process. This area became teak plantations around the years 1776 to 1820.
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