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Bungara Lake

PROFIL Maps; google maps link (*only for information) Name; Bungara Lake Note; … Conservation;  … GOVERMENT ADMINISTRATION Province Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam; City/Regency Kabupaten Aceh Singkil District Kecamatan Kota Baharu Village Desa Lentong; Desa Lapahan Buaya; Desa Danau Bungara; Desa Butar; Desa Samar Dua PHYSICAL CONDITION Formation Natural Lake;… Average Length(from google earth) 1.285 M Average Width(from google

Banyak Islands Marine Nature Tourist Park

REGULATION Gov. Regulation Decree of The Minister of Environment and Forestry number 162/KSDAE/SET/KSDAE.0/6/2016 Date 9 June 2016 Large (Hektar) 229.235,14 Technical implementation Unit BKSDA NAD Note The Banyak Islands Nature Parks are part of the Banyak Islands Nature Conservation Area.The Area of Banyak Islands Nature Parks is appointed through the Letter of Decree of the

Rawa Singkil Wildlife Reserve

REGULATION Gov. Regulation Decree of Ministry of Environment and Forestry Number 7/KSDAE/SET/KSA.0/1/2018 Date …., 2018 Large (Hektar) 81.990,90 Technical implementation Unit BKSDA NAD Note Rawa Singkil is designated as Natural Landscape Area based on Forestry Minister’s Decree no. 166 / Kpts-II / 1998 on the change of function and appointment of Singkil Swamp Forest area
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