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Mt. Pasaman

PROFILE Maps;  Google Map  Link (*only for information); Name: Mt Pasaman; Peak Rajo Imbang Langik Note: Also known by the name of Peak Rajo Imbang Langik, taken from the name of the king who had ruled in the area in ancient times. This mountain side by side with Talamau mountain. Conservation: Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve;  Rimbo Panti Nature

Mt. Mugajah

PROFIL Pict; google maps link (*only for information) Name; Mt. Mugajah Note; – Conservation; Mt Leuser National Park; Serbojadi Nature Reserve; GOVERMENT ADMINISTRATION  Province Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam; City/Regency Kabupaten Aceh Timur District Kecamatan Serbajadi Village Desa Gampong Tarujak PHYSICAL CONDITION Shape; – Condition; not a volcano/ not active History; – Elevation (meters above sea level); 3079(10.102 ft)

Mt. Ulumasen

PROFIL Map; google maps link (*only for information) Name; Mountain Hulumasen; Mountain Ulumasen Note; The Hulumasen forest is rich in biodiversity that makes this forest a high-value environmental service provider and is needed by the people of Aceh in the North through some environmental services such as: water supply providers, flood prevention and erosion, freshwater

Mt. Bandahara

PROFIL Map;  Google Map link (*only for information); Name: Mountain Bandahara Note: ‘Nepenthes di atas’ is a Sumatran endemic plant that exists only in Mount Bandahara Conservation: Mt. Leuser National Park; GOVERMENT ADMINISTRATION Province Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam City/Regency Kabupaten Aceh Tenggara Kabupaten Gayo Lues District 1.1 Kecamatan Ketambe 2.1 Kecamatan Pining Village – PHISICAL CONDITION Shape:  – Condition:
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