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Tasikardi Lake

PROFIL Maps; google maps link Name; Tasikardi Lake; Situ Tasikardi Note; Lake Tasikardi is an artificial lake, created during the reign of Panembahan Maulana Yusuf (enthroned 1570-1580 AD), the second Banten sultan and the resting place of the sultan and his family. Its role is double, which is to collect water from the Cibanten River for irrigating

Situ Rawa Arum

PROFIL Maps; google maps link Name; Situ Rawa Arum Note; The emergence of Situ Rawa Arum began when the eruption of Mount Krakatau in 1883. The eruption of Mount Krakatoa was very great resulting in a tsunami that is so big. At that time Situ Rawa Arum was still a village called Tegal Lega. The tsunami sank

Rawa Danau

PROFIL Maps; google maps link Name; Rawa Dano Note; Rawa Dano is a very unique swamp area, because it is the only “mountain swamp” in Java, this area covers an area of 3500 hectares … Conservation; Nature Reserve Rawa Dano; Nature Reserve Mt. Tukung Gede ;– GOVERMENT ADMINISTRATION Province Banten City/Regency 1. Kabupaten Serang2. Kabupaten Pandeglang District
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