Pre Arrival

Pre Arrival Procedure

  1. Delivery of Research Aplication Documents;

Application permission, should be enclosed:…

  • An official letter addressed to the Director of Intellectual Property Management as Secretary of TKPIPA, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (KEMENRISTEKDIKTI) with a copy to the Republic of Indonesia Embassy (KBRI or Consulate) in the country where the researcher resides;
  • Research proposal that includes title, objective, methodology, location and duration of research in Indonesia;
  • Research Abstract / Summary, along one page containing the title, methodology, and research objectives;
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV), including the list of publications available; CV must include applicant’s position and aliation to the institution (eg Professor, Research Assistant, Researcher or Lecturer); Curriculum Vitae of Indonesian Partners, including the list of publications available;
  • 2 (two) letters of recommendation, one from the professor or supervisor of the relevant foreign researcher and the other from the official or head of the institution / university;
  • Letters of willingness as partners of the competent heads of Indonesian institutions or universities in the field of science and technology to be examined by the foreigners concerned. For long-term research, it is stronger if it comes with agreement documents or agreements, and there is an umbrella of the MoU. The agreement documents include arranging a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) if there is a displacement of samples outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, and governing the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) arising from the research activities.
  • A financial guarantee letter stating that the foreign researcher is capable of funding research and other living expenses during research in Indonesia. Applicant must send scanned copy of passbook with minimum balance of US $ 1,500,00 or in other currency whose balance amount is US $ 1,500.00;
  • Health certificate from a doctor stating that the foreign researcher is physically and mentally healthy to conduct research in Indonesia;
  • Photocopy of colored foreign research passport (still valid at least 18 months from the date of appointment of visa); page containing the identity of the name, date of birth, citizen, and the validity of the passport. If there is an amendment, the amendment page is also included.4 (four) recent photographs of 4 x 6 cm;
  • Letter of recommendation from the embassy official of the Republic of Indonesia abroad where the foreign researcher resides; This letter should not be submitted by the applicant, but this letter is made and sent by the Embassy / Consulate;
  • List of research equipment furnished with the price of goods in US $ to be brought to Indonesia;
  • If a foreign researcher plans to bring along his family, he is asked to submit photocopies of marriage certificates, photocopies of birth certificates, photocopies of passports of family members;

All files mentioned above must be uploaded through online registration system at or if experiencing technical difficulties all softfile documents can be sent via .

Hardcopy please be brought on arrival in Jakarta and report to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti).

Researchers may not submit more than one research permit request with more than one different research proposal at the same time.

  1. Determination of Licensing in the Meeting of Foreign Research Permit Coordinating Team (TKPIPA)

In conducting the assignment of research permit, the Minister of Research and Technology is assisted by a Coordinating Team for Licensing of Research and Development Activities by Foreign Universities, Foreign Research and Development Institutions, Foreign Enterprises, and Foreigners, hereinafter referred to the Coordination Team of Licensing of Foreign Researchers (TKPIPA) and a Secretariat.

Membership of TKPIPA consists of representatives of government agencies, among others: Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education; Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT); Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI); National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), Geospatial Information Agency; Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS TNI); Ministry of Defense; State Secretariat; National Police Headquarters; Ministry of Internal Affairs; Ministry of ESDM, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Education and Culture; Marine and Fisheries Ministry; Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK); Ministry of Justice and Ham (DG of Immigration); Ministry of Health; Institute for Molecular Biology Eijkman.

TKPIPA is in charge of providing recommendations to give approval or rejection of any application for research applications submitted by foreign researchers.

TKPIPA conducts coordination meetings at least twice a month to discuss and provide recommendations on research application of foreign researchers accepted by TKPIPA Secretariat.

The proposal discussed is a research proposal that has entered the Secretariat three working days before the day of the meeting. When necessary with a variety of urgency and crucial considerations, TKPIPA can conduct limited meetings to discuss research applications of foreign researchers. Notice of trial result can be seen on link

  1. Visa Application for Researcher

The research application approved by TKPIPA in the meeting, then by Kemristekdikti is applied to the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS index 315) to the Director General of Immigration to obtain a visa authorization through the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI or Consulate) where the VITAS will be taken in accordance with the request of foreign researcher concerned.

If the research application is approved with a note, then the researcher / partner is required to meet the requirements requested in accordance with the TKPIPA recommendation.

The visa authorization will be processed after all requirements requested are met by the foreign researcher concerned. For rejected research applications, the official notification letter and the reasons for the refusal will be sent to a foreign researcher requesting permission with a copy of his / her partner.

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