currently … The Indonesian Forest is in partner with the Pristine Institute over large number of possibilities and activities in research collaboration as well as community development.

This path of partnership creates wide arrange of cooperation and also becomes opportunities between foreign and local to do sustianable conservation.

About The Pristine Institute…


  1. Research related to development, environment and human capacity building
  2. mentoring and advocacy for the wider community related to the activities at point 1
  3. Become an institution that can be a link between global ideas and ideas with implementation at the local level

Real Work:

Training on Planning and Management of Village Owned Enterprise (BUMDes) Wonosalam Village, Jombang regency (Training) 2017Head of Wonosalam Village, Wonosalam district, Jombang Regency
Capacity Building of Activity Management Unit (UPK), Jombang Regency (Upgrading) 2017UPK in Jombang Regency
Sustainability Policy Toward Water and Sanitation Program in East Nusa Tenggara (Research) 2017ANU
Project Monitoring and Evaluation Sustainability on SHAW (Sanitation and Water) Program in East Nusa Tenggara & Papua (Research) 2016SIMAVI Netherland
Research on Development and Nationalism at the Belu Border of East Nusa Tenggara (Research) 2016FISIP, Brawijaya University
Project Design Assistance to Local Poverty Reduction Strategies (Project) 2010-…nowLocal Government of Sidoarjo, Lumajang, and Madiun Regency

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