Mt. Wuarlali


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Mt. Wurlali; Mt. Wuarlili
Fumarolic activity with sulfur deposits and the solfatara complex are found on twin crater peaks named Natarweru and on the south to southeast.
Damar Island Volcano is difficult to reach, so the volcanic resources in the form of broken andesite pyroxine and sulfur are considered economically not a prospect. Wurlali Mountain activities are suspected to have solfatara fields.…


City / RegencyKabupaten Maluku Barat Daya
DistrikKecamatan Damar
VillageDesa Ilih


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
1965; Exactly June 19 (K. Kusumadinata) copies of solfatara are still active. The sound of gas blowing sounds strong. The expansion of the solfatara field is seen around the crater II
1976; September (M.Kamid). Crater I; the bottom of the crater is dry, no volcanic activity is seen. Crater II; the base of the crater consists of fine sand, ash and sulfur mud. There are no copies of solfatara or fumarola. The active solfatara group is on the Southeast and South slopes. Crater II; gusts of thick white smoke accompanied by the sound of strong gas blowing. Temperatures range from 90’C – 95’C.
1982; November – December (A.R. Sumailani) copies of solfatara / fumarola are spread from the crater to the end of Kelili village. Hot springs are located along the south coast. Kampung Kelili arrived near Wulur village. The maximum temperature of the solfatara is 110’C, minimum 90’C, maximum fumarola temperature is 50’C, minimum is 40’C. 82’C hot spring temperature, minimum 37’C.
1985; November, (Hasan Abas and Kaharni Uding) examinations were carried out around the location of Kawah II, there were white smoky solfatara. Sulfur deposits are located in the west and east craters, maximum temperature.…
Elevation (meters above sea level);
868 Mdpl (2.848ft)
Type of eruption;
he eruption of Mount Wurlali is dominated by lava flows and cinders. The old caldera extends east-southeast. If an eruption occurs it will likely be accompanied by the appearance of hot clouds. Eruptions are estimated to be explosive…
Topology & Geology;
Geologically, Damar Island is a series of volcanic lines with other islands such as Teon Island, Nila Island, Legatala Island, Serua Island and Manuk Island. Overall the rock is almost the same, namely the intersection between lava and pyroclastic rocks or called the Strato type, but that appears on Damar Island itself (Mount Wurlali) which consists of outcrops of andesite pyroxine and chunks of pyroxine andesite. This can be proven that the humps contained in the top part are Crater I and Crater II, having sizes from 0.25 to 2 m. The cliffs of the crater or the crater wall at the 1976 examination did not have the appearance of solfatara / fumarola.…
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