Mt. Tandikat


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Mt Tandikat; Mt Tandikek (MinangKabau language)
The mountain stretches wide to the south, and to the west it borders Lake Maninjau. On the north side of this mountain side by side with Mount Singgalang, while the east is a cluster of Tertiary volcanic mountains that are old. Mount Tandikat has three craters named Crater A, B and K.…
Lembah Anai Nature Reserve ;


ProvinceWest Sumatra
City / Regency
  1. Kabupaten Agam;
  2. Kabupaten Tanah Datar;
  1. Kecamatan Malalak ;
  2. Kecamatan  Sepuluh Koto;
  1. Desa Malalak Selatan
  2. Desa Singgalang


a vulcano / not a active
History of eruption;
known there have been two eruptions in history namely the eruption of 1889 and the eruption of 1914

  • 1889 eruption; The activity of this B crater occurred on the 19th of February afternoon. Above the top was a tall smoke column and a flame, an earthquake trembling and an explosive sound. Ash rain fell around him. On February 20th, at night it shows a bit strong, interspersed with some short and long breaks. Until April 17, 1889 G. Tandikat still issued a pillar of smoke, sometimes with ash rain .. On March 27, 1889 also Mt Marapi activity began to increase. On 29 March 1889 ash fell on a railroad between Padang Panjang – Bukittinggi with a thickness of up to 1 cm. The pillar of smoke was again visible on 3 and 4 December 1889 which in the morning looked clear from Bukittinggi.
  • Eruption 1914; On May 31st at about 9 pm eruption occurred. Eruption material falling around the peak. According to Administrator Veen (Natuurk Tijdschr, Nederl, Ind. 1915, p.188) there was a lava flowing down the top. According Kemmmerling (1921, p.26), which occurred not leleran lava but throw a volcanic bomb incandescent.
Elevation (meters above sea level);
2.438 m (7.999 ft)
Type of eruption;
Based on the products produced by Mount Tandikat from the geological map of Gunungapi according to Zainuddin et al, showed that the result of sediment of Tandikat Mountain did not found any pyroclastic deposits of fall, found only pyroclastic flow and lava flow. The recorded eruption data is only a thin ash and appears around the crater. The character of the eruption tends to be strombolian and lava flows that sometimes produce pyroclastic flows…
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