Mt. Legatala


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Mt. Legatala; Mt. Serua; Mt. Sorek; Mt. Wuarlapna
Serua Island is currently not populated, all of which were evacuated to P. Seram in 1978.
While the population who did not settle were as many as 300 people who at certain times or during the harvest season of cloves and oranges came to pick agricultural produce and if the harvest was finished they returned to Seram Island. There are also among them living on this island just waiting for the island so that no outside community comes and inhabits their agricultural area…


Province Maluku
City / Regency Kabupaten Maluku Barat Daya
Distrik kecamatan Damer
Village Desa Ilih (Pulau Serua)


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
The historical data of the Mount Legatala eruption to date is not widely known, because besides this area it is also very isolated and the Observation Post for the Volcano has not yet existed.
In the late 17th century, several eruptions of Mt. Legatala occurred. Recordable eruption data obtained from Neuman van Padang (1951) are as follows (all eruptions occurred from the main crater):
1683; Eruptions have occurred (Verbeek, 1908)
1687; June 15 eruption occurs (Leupe, 1873)
1692; June 4
1693; June 4 (Junghuhn, 1853) Most of this volcano was destroyed and fell back into the crater, almost the entire island was made into a sea of ​​fire. Neuman Van Padang also included lava flows, and casualties.
1694; An eruption occurred, but further information is not available
1844; August, September, the second lava flow occurs on the east of Serua Island (Verbeek, 1908).
1845; Further information is not available. These two eruptions
1846; doubt
1858; Land damaged
1859; Doubtful the flow of lava
1919; November 18, there were 3 new craters, doubtful that the lava flowed
1921; September, it is doubtful that lava flows
Elevation (meters above sea level);
641 m (2,103 ft)
Type of eruption;
Available data show the character of the Eruption Period phreatic eruption, 8-30 years…
Topology & Geology;
The geology of Mount Legatala (Serua Island) has not been mapped in detail, but geological information is generally obtained from Dutch researchers namely Verbeek (1908) and Kemmerling (1922).
According to Verbeek (1908) Mount Legatala is an erect cone at the top, with an altitude of about 650 m dml, surrounded by an older edge of lava and breccias. The crater is filled with lumps of lava, visible yellow water vapor and sulfur. From the main crater that has flowed 2 the east lava flow both looks fresh, not weathered, especially at the southernmost part, this rock probably originated from the 1844 eruption.
On the northwest coast scattered lava flows and breccia and older rocks. From one of the rock samples in the form of gray andesite pyroxene which does not have microorganisms. On the north and east coast there are rocks composed of andesite pyroxene containing olivine…
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