Mt. Kie Besi


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Mt. Kie Besi; Mt.Wakiong; Mt. Makkian


ProvinceNoth Maluku
City / RegencyKabupaten Halmahera Selatan
  1. Pulau Makkian
  2. Kecamatan Makkian Barat
Village1.1 desa Samsuma; 1.2 desa Sangapati

2.1 desa Mateketen;


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
1646; The eruption was very large and occurred on July 19-21. The eruption hole is the main crater. Many villages were destroyed and human victims fell.
1760; A major eruption occurred on September 22. The victim fell to an estimated 2000 people. Those who fled to Ternate were more than 5000 people.
1761; …
1860; Small eruptions that are only ashes.
1861; Large eruption in the main crater between December 28-31. Lava flow occurs. Human sacrifice is as much as lk. 300 people Some residents have fled outside the island, but some are buried in the sea.
1862; Increased activity in October. There is no further information.
1863; Activity enhancement on August 25-31.
1864; Increased activity in October.
1890; A major eruption in the main crater in July caused human casualties and the destruction of villages.
1988; Big eruption in the main crater. Hot clouds and eruption material hit villages. The end of the eruption formed lava plugs at the base of the crater. There are no human victims.
2009; Increased activity occurred on June 2, 2009 the level of volcanic activity mt. Kie Besi was raised from Normal to Alert.…
Elevation (meters above sea level);
1.357 m (…?  ft)
Type of eruption;
Eruption character mt. Iron kie are explosive magmatics (hot clouds, pyroclastic), effusive magmatics (incandescent lava flows), phreatic (smoke, ash), phreatomagmatics (smoke, ash and lava). Type of eruption mt. Iron Kie is generally an eruption type or Saint Vincent type (volcano type), where the eruption is very powerful and accompanied by a burst of hot clouds radially through the lip of the crater.…
Topology & Geology;
mt.Kie Besi is a volcanic island, shaped strato with a cone-shaped cone, where at its peak there is a large crater. Mt crater. Iron Kie is about 1500 x 1400 m. In the middle is a lava dome that was formed after the 1988 eruption. In the northeast there is a lake where the water has been reduced due to the eruption in 1988.
Stratigraphy mt. Iron Iron can be grouped into 23 rock units, which are sourced from 3 eruption periods (Sasongko, 1999). There was the appearance of a fault in the Iron Iron (Sasongko, 1999), namely: two faults on the northern slope, which direction is relatively north-south where the eastern block is part of the descending block. Another fault on the east-southeast slope, with a relatively northwest – southeast direction, where the block is down, namely the northern block.
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