Mt. Iya


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Mt. Iya; Endeh Api
Mount Iya is one of the volcanoes in Flores which belongs to part of the volcanic strip of Banda …


ProvinceEast Nusa Tenggara
City / Regency

Kabupaten Ende

DistrikKecamatan Ende Selatan;
VillageDesa Tanjung; Desa Tetandara


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
  • 1671; Allegedly a normal eruption in the Central Crater
  • May 1844; Allegedly an extraordinary eruption on the central crater
  • January 1867; Suspected normal eruption in the central crater
  • May 1868; Normal eruption on central crater
  • 1 September 1871; Normal eruption on central crater
  • 1882; Normal eruption on central crater
  • January 27, 1969; At 04:00 an eruption accompanied by hot clouds and continuous roar, at 11:00 visible bursts of fire are white, yellow and blue accompanied by bursts of bombs, lapili, sand and ash, while the smoke-shaped cauliflower reaches a height of ± 400 m above the peak.
Elevation (meters above sea level);
637 m (2.090  ft)
Type of eruption;
Based on the historical record of the eruption of mt. Iya, the shortest rest period of 1 year and the longest 173 years, the last eruption occurred on January 27, 1969. The type of eruption of Mount Iya based on geological data and its history is eruption explosive and efusif. Such type of eruption has the potential to produce pyroclastic deposits and lava. The eruption activity of Mount Iya is accompanied by hot clouds, pyroclastic flows, pyroclastic fall, volcanic bombs, incandescent rocks, heavy ash rains, and lava flows (primary danger) and landslides or lava (secondary danger)…
Topology & Geology;
Product eruption from mt volcano complex Yes formed a headland in southern P. Flores. Mt complex. Yes consists of mt. Pui (table mt) with a height of 371 mdpl, mt. Roja with 425 mdpl and mt. Yes. The three volcanoes are located in a straight line, mt. It is located in the southwest and mt. Pui to the east. Stratigrafi area mt. Yes from the oldest to the youngest as follows:
– Pre Roja Rock (Tertiary)
– Rock erupted results mt.Roja
– Rock erupted results mt.Pui
– Rock erupted results mt.Iya
– Alluvial deposits
Mt morphology area Yes and its surroundings can be identified into four units, namely Morphology of Tertiary Volcanic Hills, Roja Complex Morphology, Morphikic Cone Cone and Ground Morphology. Morphology mt. Yes and mt. Pui forms a volcanic cone morphology of Iya whose formation is dominated by the building process, while mt. Roja shows the morphology of volcanic inscribed. mt. Pui is a natural fortress against the threat of mt eruption. Yes for the city of Ende.
Complex structure mt. Yes is a normal faults that exist between mt. Roja and mt. Yes, northeast-southeast direction with the southern block is relatively down. In addition to the fault structure, there is also a north-west-northwest direction that connects the eruption points of mt.Iya, mt.Roja and mt.Iya.…
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