Mt. Hobal


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Mt. Hobal
Not much data about this mountain. Because of its location under the sea, the tourism potential around mt. Hobal is a beach scene combined with the phenomenon of underwater volcanoes, as well as the surrounding form of the ranks of mt. Ili Gripe and mt. Ili Werung.
The location of this mountain is about 200 meters from the coast of Waiteba, a beach swept by the July tsunami in 1979. The tsunami disaster sank half of the former capital of Atedai district, along with hundreds of its inhabitants.
Before mt. Hobal erupted in the late 1970s, its peak rising above the sea level at low tide. But when the tide, the volcano back sinks. But now, when the water receded the mountain is not visible, the chances of the peak has been eroded by sea waves…


ProvinceEast Nusa Tenggara
City / Regency

Kabupaten Lembata

DistrikKecamatan Atadei
VillageDesa Lerek


under water volcano
a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
July 1979; resulting in a tsunami and many casualties …
The last eruption of Mount Hobal occurred in 1999, when the white smoke blow out of the sea surface at ± 100 meters…
Elevation (meters above sea level);
… m (… ft)
Type of eruption;
Topology & Geology;
Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council check…


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