Mt. Gamalama


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Mt. Gamalama; Piek van Ternate
The name Gamalama Mountain is taken from the word Kie Gam Lamo (“big country”). 1775, the eruption of Mount Gamalama obliterated Soela Takomi Village with 141 people. After the eruption, at a village location 18 kilometers from the center of Ternate City, two lakes appeared, namely Tolire Jaha Lake and the litle Tolire Lake.
The ongoing Gamalama mountain activity also gave rise to the ‘Kololi Kie’ tradition, which is now held routinely every April as one of the performances at the ‘Legu Gam’ Festival, the party of North Maluku people. Gamalama community tradition, in the form of a traditional ritual around Gamalama Mountain while visiting a number of sacred places and tombs. This ritual was carried out as a hope that Gamalama would not erupt.…


ProvinceNoth Maluku
City / RegencyKota Ternate
  1. kecamatan hutan Lindung
Village1.1 …


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
Gamalama has erupted more than 60 times, the eruption was first recorded in 1538.
The last eruption of Mount Gamalama occurred in 2003.
Gamalama does not show active symptoms. But starting in 2009, Gamalama again showed activity so that the status “Waspada” was applied to the mountain because of increased mountain activity. The “Alert” status is the third level in the alertness of active volcanoes.
On Monday, December 5, 2011 there was a burst of volcanic ash from Mount Gamalama at 00.08 which shows that Mount Gamalama is still active. Mount Gamalama erupted and prompted thousands of residents to flee because of bursts of ash and dust particles as high as 2,000 meters into the air which spewed it into a city near the mountain. This causes Gamalama’s alert status to rise to the third level, “Alert”.
On Sunday, September 16, 2012, this mountain erupted again, from level 2 alert to level 3 alert.…
Elevation (meters above sea level);
1.715 m (5.627 ft)
Type of eruption;
The eruption of Mount Gamalama generally takes place in the Main Crater and is almost always magmatic. Except for the eruption that occurred in 1907 which took place on the timut slope (side eruption) and produced a lava flow (Batu Angus) to the beach. The 1980 eruption also produced the New Crater, its location about 175 m to the east of the Main Crater…
Topology & Geology;
Gamalama is one of the active volcanoes located in the arc of Halmahera Island, northeast of Maluku. This region is estimated as a meeting area of ​​several plates including the Pacific Plate, Eurasia, and Australia and other small plates. Ternate Island which was formed by Mount Gamalama took place above the subduction zone which tilted east with a small angle.
Morphology Gamalama is generally sloping on the coast, but becomes steeper towards the top. The rocks that make up Ternate Island or Mount Gamalama consist of 3 generations (Bronto et al, 1982):
Gamalama Tua, the rest is found in the southeast and south. The peak extends from the northeast to the southwest and is known as Melayu hill or Mount Kekau.
Gamalama Adults whose body remains take place in the western part of Ternate Island. Its peak stretches from west to east and is known as the Keramat or Medina hill.
Young Gamalama is found in the north. The current peak is the center of the eruption known as Arafat Hill or Piek van Ternate…
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