Mt. Egon


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Mt. Egon
Volcanic resources appear on traditional geothermal steam distillation to meet the needs of drinking water located in Kosokaja Village, Rokirole, Nitunglea Kecamatan Palue.…
Egon Ilimedo Wildlife Reserve


ProvinceEast Nusa Tenggara
City / Regency

Kabupaten Sikka

  1. Kecamatan Waigete;
  2. Kecamatan Mapitara;
Village1.1 Desa Nangatobong; 1.2 Desa Wairterang;2.1 Desa Hebing; 2.2 Desa Egon Gahar;


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
  • 1888-1892; visible smoke at the peak. (Sapper, 1927)
  • 28 September 1907; recorded 2 (two) times increases in volcanic activity ie eruption in the central crater (Newman van Padang, 1951)
  • 1925; there is a burst of solfatara in the crater of the western peak.
    … After 79 years of never showing increased volcanic activity, then at the beginning of 2004 volcano Egon erupted again.
  • 2004; from January to September there was an eruption several times …
  • 2005; month of february mangalami increase and eventually eruption …
  • 2008; back eruption …
Elevation (meters above sea level);
1.703 m (5.587 ft)
Type of eruption;
The eruptive character of Mount Egon seen from the history of eruptions is explosive that lasted more than once in a period of eruption with eruption material in the form of ash, lapili, and volcanic bombs…
Topology & Geology;
Stratigrafi of Egon Mountain and its surroundings based on lithology contact, stone cutting principle and source of each product. From old to young can be separated into three main volcanic groups (see Geological Map in the pouch):
1. Pre-Egon precipitate
2. The Old Egon Volcanic Deposition
3. Sediment of Young Egon Volcano
The evolving geological structure is a normal north-southeast trending faults that form a cesarean fault and are characterized by hot springs in Bridit Village on the fault line. It is suspected that the normal faults appear before the volcanic activity of Mount Egon. And after the appearance of a cesarean, the Egon Old and Egon Muda products fill the graben formed between two western and eastern fault zones. It is estimated that the faults are still active today. In addition to the north-northeast direction of the structure, there is also a north-western-oriented structural alignment.…
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  1. Kementerian Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral, Badan Geologi (Link;
  2. Pertumbuhan Retakan Pada Peningkatan Aktivitas Gunung Egon,
    Nusa Tenggara Timur Periode Desember 2015 – Januari 2016; Estu Kriswati, Novia Antika Anggraeni, Sucahyo Adi, Devy K. Syahbana, Ilham Mardikayanta, dan Herman Yosef Mboro, Pusat Vulkanologi dan Mitigasi Bencana Geologi; 28 Juli 2016(Link;



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