Mt. Dukono


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Mt. Doekono, mt.Dukoko, mt. Dodoekko, mt. Dukoma, mt. Tala, mt. Tolo
Mount Dukono consists of several volcanic craters with high activity…


ProvinceNoth Maluku
City / RegencyKabupaten North Halmahera
  1. kecamatan North Tobelo
  2. Kecamatan Tobelo
Village1.1 Desa Kokota Jaya; 1.2 Desa Popilo; 1.3 Desa North Gorua; 1.4 Desa Gorua; 1.5 Desa South Gorua

2.1 Desa Wari


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
In the eruption in 1550, lava eruptions filled the strait between Halmahera Island and the northern slope of Mount Mamuya. The eruption reached scale 3 from the Volcanic Explosivity Index. Small eruptions occurred during the time span of 1719, 1868, and 1901. Since 1933, Mount Dukono has been continuing small eruptions to date

October 3, 2018 spewing volcanic ash as high as 800 meters from the summit of the Malupang Warirang Crater.…

Elevation (meters above sea level);
1.335 m (4.380 ft)
Type of eruption;
The character of the 20th century eruption was an ash eruption that occurred from several days to several months…
Topology & Geology;
The geological structure that develops around Mt. Dukono is in the form of faults and craters (Sumaryadi, 1998). mt. Dukono is the northernmost volcanic volcano from a series of active volcanoes that appear on the volcanic arc in the western part of Halmahera Island. Around the summit there are a number of craters and some of them have been extinguished. The craters are Tanah Lapang, Dilekene A and B, Malupang Magiwe (C), Telori (D), Heneowara (G). Malupang-Warirang Crater on the slopes of mt. Karirang is an activity center and the most active crater in the mt. Complex. Dukono at this time.

the geological structure that develops around Mt. Dukono is in the form of faults and craters (Sumaryadi, 1998). Fault structure identified as normal fault, namely Dukono Normal Fault and Kua Normal Fault. The Dukono Normal Fault is a horseshoe-shaped depression zone open to the northeast, having a diameter of 12 mm. 7000 m and inside there are several volcanic cones including mt. Dukono.

Kua Normal Fault is formed on the western slope of mt. Kua which forms a fault line is northwest – southeast. The crater structure identified at least 9 crater structures, namely mt crater. Gosana, crater mt. Mamuya, Crater mt. Mede, Field Land Crater on mt. Gogodom, crater mt. Telori, Mt Kawah. Dilekene, Mt Crater. Mancile, Kawah mt. Kariang and Kawah Malupang Warirang in mt. Kariang (the active crater of Mt Dukono at this time).

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