Mt. Burni Telong Complex


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Mountain Burni Telong-Burni Geureudong
The official name for this volcano complex is still a debate, due to Bur ni Geureudong and Bur ni Telong’s adjacent positions. Two volcanic cones are ‘Salah Nama’ and ‘Pepanji’ which is a hill of sediment.The Mount Bur ni Geureudong volcano has been landslide since Pleitosin, but has Fumaroles and Hot springs on the slopes. While Bur ni Telong is located south of Bur ni Geureundong. Bur ni Telong has an active crater that still has lava on the southern slopes of the mountain.

Mount Geureudong is a mountain for the Aceh Tribe, while Bur ni Telong is called by the Gayo tribe. This mountain by local people is also often referred to as Bur ni Cempege which in Gayo language means the mountain full of sulfur.



ProvinceNanggroe Aceh Darussalam;

Kabupaten Bener Meriah

  1. Kecamatan Timang Gajah
  2. Kecamatan Pintu Rime Gayo
  3. Kecamatan Bukit


a volcano/ active
  1. Pleistosen (Mt. Bur ni Geureudong)
  2. Desember 7,1924 (Mt. Bur ni Telong)
  3. last erruption …?1937 (Mt. Bur ni Telong)
Elevation (meters above sea level);
  1. Mt. Burni Telong 2.600 (…?ft)
  2. Mt. Burni Geureudong …?
The morphology of Bur Ni Telong mountains flourishes south, southeast and southwest, while the south is slightly blocked by small hills on the slopes. This is due to the north and east growth of Bur Ni Telong’s body obstructed by the complex of Mount Geurodong, Gunung Leui Kucak and Gunung Panji.The pattern of the river flow is also strongly influenced by the morphology that formed it, part of the river flow around the peak showed a catchment area patterned radier and semi dendritic flow, but downstream turned into parallel.

The peak area of ​​Bur Ni Telong has a coarse-grained morphology composed of cone remnants and lava domes that are partially destroyed by eruptions in the past so that when seen from a distance it appears jagged. The top and upper slopes have a steep slopes angle, and based on the current point of activity towards Mount Bur Ni Telong open westwards. The former crater located in the southeast at this time does not show its activity.

type of eruption;
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