Mt. Batutara


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Mt. Batutara; Mt. Pulu Komba; Mt. Pulu Kambing II; Mt. Pulu Betah; Mt. Geli Mutu
 The potential of maritime tourism around this volcanic region is very interesting, especially for divers. The seafloor is visible around the beach near the island, visible views of the sea floor is very beautiful and untouched by human activity, and still looks very natural (natural). In addition, the uniqueness of Mount Batutara is erupted every 20 minutes, accompanied by hot lava incandescent and smoldering to form a beautiful sparks accompanied by a small tsunami but not harmful and can be witnessed from a distance of approximately 20 meters.…


Province East Nusa Tenggara
City / Regency

Kabupaten Lembata

Distrik Kecamatan…(komba island)
Village Desa …


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
The eruption events recorded in the history of the magmatic eruption (in Brouwer 1940) there were no human fatalities.
1849; October 6, there is a cloud of smoke in the crater and bursts of lava incandescent (stromboli type). Lava fills the valleys up to the beach area
1850; May 23, the eruption of August 2nd incandescent material bursts lava from the main crater and closes the eastern coastal area
1852; The end of July eruption still occurs
1852 -1888; Magmatic eruption continuously, east crater wall destroyed.
1858 – 1858; Some bursts of incandescent material all the way to the sea. Long chasm formed in the east of the crater
1888-1932; The eruption is not as intuitive as the previous period
2007; March 18-19, 2007 …
Elevation (meters above sea level);
748 m (2.454 ft)
Type of eruption;
Based on the eruption products generally in the form of ash eruption accompanied by bursts and incandescent lights and lava melt..
Topology & Geology;
Batutara Mountain appears in the “back Arc” segment above the eastern Sundanese subduction zone. This volcano forms a small island in the Flores Sea with a minimum diameter of 1.7 km east-west bearah while the maximum diameter of 3.75 in the northeast-southwest and southeast-northwest direction. The slope of the slope is between 30o – 40o. The crescent-shaped main crater opens up into the long ravine to the east coast. The upper crater wall measuring 700 x 900 m at an altitude between 647 – 748 m above sea level, while the bottom of the crater measuring 250 x 350 m. Other craters are located to the south of the main crater smaller size with a diameter of approximately 50 m and not active.…
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