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Mt. Banda Api; Etna van Indonesie(Dr.R.D.M.Verbeek)
mt. Banda Api is at least the fourth generation of ancient volcano mt Lonthor.

Dr.R.D.M.Verbeek a geologist at (1900) dubbed Gunung Banda-api as “Etna van Indonesie” (Mount Etna in Italy is famous for its distinctive eruptions, which are bursts of fire one after another like fireworks at night).
In addition, there are 23 species of birds on Banda Volcano Island which are endemic in the Banda Islands. This archipelago is indeed one of the regions in Indonesia that has a high level of animal endemism, especially in terms of bird species…

Mt. Api Banda Island Nature Tourist Park;


City / RegencyKabupaten Maluku Tengah
Distrikkecamatan Banda
VillageDesa …


a vulcano / active
History of eruption;
During the last 4 centuries there have been at least 24 eruptions of Mt. Banda Fire, including those which took place on May 9, 1988. Only 4 of them caused victims, namely in 1598, 1615, 1690 and 1988…
Elevation (meters above sea level);
640 m (2100 ft)
Type of eruption;
Topology & Geology;
mt Banda-api appears from the northern end of a series of volcanoes located in the arc in Banda Volcanic (Van Bemmelen, 1949, p.219) The arc was formed approximately 1.5 million years ago, the mechanism of its formation is complicated to look at and the theory of plate tectonics. The interaction between the main plate (Pacific, Indo-Australia) with several micro plates and the influence of transform Irian faults and other local faults caused the complex of the region to be seen from the perspective of regional geological structures. This event caused the area of ​​the Banda Arc and the surrounding seas to be a source of tectonic earthquakes.

According to Verbeek, 1908, the rocks produced by Banda-api Volcano are; Pyroxene andesites were found at the southern foot of Mount Banda-api and glass-like pyroxene andesites in Batu Angus and next to lava flows in the southeast slope of a bomb on the edge of the crater consisting of pyroxene andesite containing olivine, SiO2 content 56 – 59% According to Kraeff, 1952 had examined 6 rock samples (location not mentioned) The result is 2 Basalt hyperstein augites containing glass, a white glass tuff, two microalted basaltic rocks and a basaltic tuff breccia.…

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