Our Mission


Indonesia Forest is one of the independent conservation organizations in Indonesia that has started its activities since 2010. In 2017, Indonesia Forest officially became a non-government institution with legal status.


The main mission of Indonesia Forest is to provide information as much as possible about conservation efforts and natural resources in Indonesia.

Shared information is divided into:

  1. Information about the conservation area
  2. Information about the habitat of mountains, lakes and rivers
  3. Information on Flora and Fauna

The strategic plan

1st Periode: (January 2017- January 2025)

  1. Inventory and describe the conservation area (Nature Reserve, Wildlife Reserve, Nature Park/Forest Park, Nature Tourist Park and National Park) in Indonesia, in accordance with Law number 5 of 1990 on Conservation of Biological Resources and Ecosystem.
  2. Inventory and describe habitat (mountains, lakes and rivers) in Indonesia
  3. Inventory and describe of Flora and Fauna in Indonesia
  4. Make Conservation Preview in every Province(Video)
  5. Publish (publish temporary data)

Preliminary data: Law number 5 of 1990 on Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems [Chapter IV Article 14 of Law No. 5 of 1990 on Nature Reserve (Nature Reserve, Wildlife Sanctuary) and Chapter VII Article 29 of Law No. 5 of 1990 on Nature Conservation Area (Nature Tourism Park, Forest Park and National Park)]

2nd Periode: ( 2025-2030)

  1. Survey and inventory to conservation areas in Indonesia (comparing with existing data)
  2. Publish a conservation area in Indonesia

by; Indonesian Forest

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