Manusela National Park


Gov.RegulationDecree of the Minister of Forestry No 2583/Menhut-VII/KUH/2014
DateApril 8,2014
Large (Hektar)174.545,59
Technical implementation UnitBalai Taman Nasional Manusela
NoteManusela National Park is a combination of two natural reserve, Nature Reserve Wai Nua covering 20,000 ha (Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 557 / Kpts / Um / 12/1972, dated December 7, 1972) and Nature Reserve Wai Nausea of ​​± 18,300 ha (Decree Minister of Agriculture No. 840 / Kpts / Um / 11/1980, dated 25 November 1980), and its expansion in the form of production forests and protected forests. Both areas are proposed to become candidates for national parks with a letter of the Minister of Agriculture No. 736 / Mentan / X / 1982, dated 14 October 1982 under the name Manusela Wai Nua / Wai Nual National Park.

On May 23, 1997, the Minister of Forestry issued Decree number 281 / Kpts-VI / 1997 on the Appointment of 189,000 Hectares Manusela National Park, located in the District of Central Maluku Tengah, Province of Maluku.

Subsequently on April 8, 2014, it was designated to be Manusela National Park by Decree of the Minister of Forestry No. 2583 / Menhut-VII / KUH / 2014 concerning the Establishment of Manusela National Forest Estate Area of ​​174,545.59 (One Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Five Hundred Forty Five and Fifty Nine Percent) Hectares Located in Central Maluku District, Maluku Province.


City/RegencyKabupaten Maluku Tengah
DistrictKecamatan Seram Utara
Village1.1 Desa Manusela

1.2 Desa Maneo Rendah

1.3 Desa Kanikeh


Elevation (mDpl)
its topography is mostly wavy and its land is a limestone mountain. This topography ranges from the plains (plains of Nausea) in the north, bumpy to hilly to mountainous.

The slope ranges from 30 – 60% from Mount Markele to Binaya mountain which is the highest peak. Most of the area has a very steep slope with deep valleys. The relatively sloping part is located in the northern part around Wahai and Sasarata as well as the southern part in Hatumete, Hatu and Woke areas.

type climate …?(Schmit&Ferguson)
25′-35’C; Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council check …



Mt.Binaya(3.027 mDpl); Mt. Markele
River Wae Toluarang; River Wae Mual


IdentificationManusela National Park is representative of coastal ecosystem type, swamp forest, lowland rainforest and mountain rain forest in Maluku.

The types of vegetation found in this national park are mangroves, beaches, swamp forests, river cliffs, tropical rain forest, mountain forests, and sub-alpine forests.

The rich flora of Manusela National Park consists of 187 species / genus from 55 families including 97 species of orchids and 598 kinds of ferns, where there is endemic type of binary spikes (Cyathea binayana).

The types of flora of Australian zones contained in this area include Eucalyptus spp., While Asian flora species include Shorea selanica (Dipterocarpacea), the easternmost of Indonesia’s meranti, nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum), jungle forest (Aglaia argentea), durian ( Durio spp.) And others.

Vegetation of mangrove forest is characterized by the type of pedada (Sonneratia alba), mangroves (Rhizophora apiculata), heru (Bruguiera sexangula), fires (Avicennia officianalis) and nipah (Nypa fruticans). This vegetation lies just behind a rather tall sandy beach and is a narrow lane. The best developments are around the Wae Mual cape and the Wae Isal river. Behind the mangrove paths in lowland swamps are the types of butter land (Barringtonia recemosa), the banyan (Ficus nodosa) and the pulai (Alstonia scholaris).

The best developments of coastal forest vegetation along the northern coast with dominant species include horse tread / Ipomoea pescaprae, spinifex littoralis, , and sea pine (Casuariana equisetifolia).

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Overview of flora in Maluku
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IdentificationMammals: Seram Island has only eight types of terrestrial mammals. The original Seram consists of three types of Marsupial, namely bandicoot / mapea (Rhyncomeles prattorum), Kusu / Kuskus (Spilocuscus maculatus and Phalanger orientalis) and five types of Rodensia, Melomys aerosus, Melomys fulgens, Melomys fraterculus, Rattus ceramicus and Rattus feliceus. In Manusela National Park can be found larger species of mammals such as deer (Cervus timorensis), wild boar (Sus scrofa and S. Celebebsis), wild dogs (Canis familiar), wild cat (Felis catus) and civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus, Vivera tangulunga ). There are 26 types of bats in Manusela National Park, among others Rousettus amplixicaudus, Pteropus melaopogon, Pteropus ocularis and Macroglossus minimus (Macdenald et al., 1993).

Aves: Research on birds on the island of Seram has been started since the 17th century. Bowler and Taylor (1993) describes clearly the development of the study. At present, the species of Seram bird are known to 196 species of birds, 124 of them are sedentary species, while 72 species are migratory bird species. A total of 13 species of which are endemic species Seram Birdlife International Indonesia Program has established the Endemic Bird Region (DBE) Seram which includes Seram island and surrounding small islands (Ambon, Saparua, Boano and Haruku). 30 Types are birds with limited distribution, ie birds that spread less than 50,000 km ², 14 of them endemic (Sujatnika et al., 1995). Spread limited bird species on the island of Seram there are 28 species, of which 8 species of which are endemic bird species. The purple nape plexus (Lorius domicella) and the Maluku Cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis) are now threatened with extinction, due to the arrests for trade (Shannaz et al., 1995). In addition to the above two types, there are other types of endemic birds such as Diacrum vulneratum, king prawns (Halycon lazuli, H.sancta and Alcedo atthis), Nuri Raja / Nuri Ambon (Alisterus amboinensis), Black-headed parrots (Lorius domicella) (Philemon subcorniculatus), and Kasuari (Casuarius casuarius).

Reptiles: The study of reptiles on the island of Seram is still rare. Research conducted at Raleigh Expedition Operations in Manusela National Park found 46 species of reptiles, consisting of freshwater turtles (1 species), sea turtles (4 species), crocodiles (1 species), lizards (24 species) and snakes ( 17 types) (Edgar and Lilley, 1993). The level of reptile endemism in Seram Island is low, only one type of endemic lizard CERAM, namely Dibamus seramensis. There are also Soa-soa (Hydrosaurus amboinensis), two types of snakes Calamaria ceramensis and Thyphlops kraai although little is also found in the surrounding islands. Crocodiles (Crocodylus porousus) are often found in the Wae Toluarang and Wae Nual rivers.

Amphibi: In the Manusela National Park there are 8 amphibia types belonging to the family Ranidae, Hylidae and Microhylidae. Types included in the family: Ranidae is Platymantis papuensis, Rana modesta and Rana grisea ceramensis; Hylidae is Litoria vagabunda, Litoria sp. (Bicolor group), Litoria amboinesis, Litoria infrafenate; Microhylidae is Phrynomantis fusca

Insect: The type of butterfly found in Manusela National Park is estimated as many as 90 species (FAO, 1981), among others: Papilionidae namely Ornithoptera priamus, Ornithoptera goliathorocus, Papilio ulysses, Papilio fuscusfuscus, Grafthium stresemani; Pieridae is the beautiful Delias manuselensis, Delias sp., Hebomoia leucippe leucippe, Valeria jobaea eisa, Enaema candida candida; Danidae is Idea idea, Danaus chovsippus, Danaus hanata nigra, Eupolea ciimena melina, Eupolea sp. There are several types of endemic butterfly Seram namely Epimastidia staudingeri and Hypochrysops dolechallii

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