Dangku Wildlife Reserve


Gov.RegulationDecree of the minister No 755/Kpts-II/1990
DateFebruari 17,1990
Large (Hektar)70.274
Technical implementation UnitBKSDA Sumatera Selatan
NoteDangku is designated as Wildlife Reserve based on Minister of Agriculture Decree no. 276 / Kpts / Um / 4/1983, dated 8 April 1981 with an area of 70,274 ha.

Then completed with Decree of the Minister of Forestry No.755 / Kpts-lI / 1990, December 17, 1990 covering 70,274 ha. Then came the Decree of the Minister of Forestry No.254 / Kpts-II / 1991, dated May 6, 1991 with an area of 31752 ha. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Forestry no. 76 / Kpts-II / 2001, dated March 15, 2001 the area to 31,752 Ha.

The condition of Dangku wildlife reserve area is still surrounded by several companies, oil palm plantations and HTI which in some places still overlap with Dangku wildlife reserve area and encroachment by some people. The number of encroached areas is about 10% of the total area. In the Dangku wildlife area there are several active and inactive oil and gas drilling wells.


ProvinceSumatera Selatan
City/RegencyKabupaten Muara Enim
DistrictKecamatan Rambang Dangku
VillageDesa Dangku


Elevation (mDpl)
This sanctuary has a low to light wavy plain, with a slope of 0-25%. Typical soil types are rosen (alluvium), and neogen (Pliosin miosin) …
type climate A (Schmidt&Ferguson)
28’-34’C; Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council check …



River Lematang


IdentificationThe Dangku forest is a lowland tropical rain forest group, so the most dominant flora are Dipterocarpaceae family of Meranti (Shorea sp.), Pulai (Alstonia sp.), Durian (Durio sp.), Jelutung (Dyera sp.), Terentang (Campnospermae sp.). Other types are Spinach (Raynaenedertil), Cempedak (Artocarpus teymanhi), Kedondong forest (Santini ablongifolia), Climate (Scrodocarpus bo rneensis), Laban (Vitexpubescens), Ramin (Gonystilus bancanus), Mahang (Macaranga hyploenca), Nedang smell (Dahasia caesia), Merawan (Hopea gerrugenia), Manggeris (Kompassia malacencis), Merbau (Histia palembanica), Perupuk (Lophopethalum baccarianum), Petai Hutan (Parkia speciosa), Rengas (Gluta renghas), Tembesu (Fragreae fagrans), Kompas (Pithecellepium splendens), while the lower plants are often found are Rattan, Resak, Pandan and shrubs.

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IdentificationMammals: Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatraensis), Deer (Cervus unicolor), Pangolin (Manisjavanica), Hedgehog (Hystridae), Pig Forest (Sus sp.), Kijang (Muntiacus muncak), Honey Bear (Helarctos malayanus), …

Primates: Apes (Macaca sp), …

Reptiles: Crocodiles (Crocodylus), …

Birds: Hornbill (Buceros spp.), King of Shrimp (Halcyon tunebris), Birds of Betet, …

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