Bukit Sari Nature Tourist Park


Gov. RegulationDecree of the Minister of Forestry& Plantation No. 198/Kpts-II/2000
DateJuli 12,2000
Large (Hektar)425,5
Technical implementation UnitBKSDA Jambi
NoteThe legal aspect of Bukit Sari forest area begins with a proposal from the Governor of the Provincial Level through letter No. 522.5 / 7175 / Bappeda dated November 6, 1997 and Letter of Head of Regional Office of the Department of Forestry of Jambi Province no. 563 / Kwl-Vb11997 dated November 18, 1997 which recommended the land of 300 hectares of land located in the Forest Sengketi Section of Batanghari Regency and Tebo District Jambi Province has been controlled by the state and become a forest area.

In 1998 the Minister of Forestry issued Decree No. 301 / Kp 11/1998 dated 27 February 1998 on the approval of a forest area of ​​300 hectares as a forest area under the name Bukit Sari Tourism Forest. The boundary with the Minutes of Boundaries approved by the Borderary of Tebo and Batanghari district administration committees in March 1998 establishes Bukit Sari Forest Area with an area of ​​425.50 hectares and a boundary length of 11,940.90 meters.

As a follow up of the boundary activity, the Minister of Forestry assigned Bukit Sari forest area to Bukit Sari Nature Park with an area of ​​425.50 hectares through Decree of Determination Number 199 / Kpts-11/2000 dated July 20, 2000 with the manager of the Implementing Unit Technical (UPT) Department of Forestry Natural Resources Conservation Center (KSDA) Jambi.


  1. Kabupaten Tebo
  2. Kabupaten Batanghari
District1.1 Kecamatan Tebo llir

2.1 Kecamatan Mersam

Village1.1.1 Desa Teluk Rendah Pasar

2.1.1 Desa Sungai Ruan


Elevation (mDpl)
Based on the topology, the contour of the land in this conservation area is bumpy, steep hills, followed by a deep valley.
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IdentificationIn Bukit Sari there are about 500 species of Jambi native plants that are useful for science.

Bukit Sari Nature Park is dominated by 5 (five types of vegetation are Meranti (Shorea spp), Balam (Palaquium spp), Tempinis (Sloetia elongata), Charcoal (Diospyros spp), and Medang (Litsea sppyr).

In addition there are also Plajau, Tenggeris, Jelutung, Kedondong, Walnut and Terap. Some pioneer trees like Mahang are widespread in an open place.

Vine trees are often encountered is from the Annonaceae tribe that often encountered around the not too high and dense. Glicenia flourishes. Usually around the valleys whose moisture content is rather damp, followed by nail trees and ploclottis type orchids.

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IdentificationMammals: Helarctos malayanus, Tapirus indicus, Unicolor deer, wild boar (Sus scrofa), Weasel (P. hermaphroditus) … types of squirrels, such as R. affinis, S. lowii, T. gis, I. horsfieldi and one species of rat (Rattus sp).

Primates: Beruk (Macaca estrina), Ungko (Hylobates agilis), Simpai (Presbytis melalophos bicolor), Lutung (Trffpypithecus cristatus)

Birds: As many as 14 species of birds are recorded in conservation areas, namely Copsych aularis, Gracula religiosa, Acridotheres tristis, jiculus galgulus, red cecakak (Halcyon coromanda), hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil), Rhinoceros hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros), white belly Kangkareng ( Anthracoceros albirostris), Golden Triangle (Aceros undulates), Tiong Gold (Gracula religiosa), Betet (Psittacula alexandri), Pialing (Psittinus cyanurus), Srigunting (Dicrurus macrocercus), Kacer (Copsychus saularis), Kutilan (Pycnonotus aurigaster) (Acridotheres tWis), Woodpecker (Dryocopus javensis), Serindit (Loricu2 galgulus).

Reptiles: 7 species of reptiles, These species are Chameleon (Gonocephalus sp), Land lizard (Eutropis multifasciata), Lizard (Eutropis rugifera), Fire Tongue Snake (Dendrelaphis pictus), Tree Serpent (Ahaetulla fasciolata)

Amphibians: Stone frog (Limnonectes nsianus), Sticky frog (Kalophrynus pleurostigma), Tree frog (Philautus bimaculatus), etc.

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