Batu Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve




Gov.RegulationDecree of the Minister of Agriculture No.266/Kpts/Um/14/1982
DateApril 8,1982
Large (Hektar)6.970
Technical implementation UnitBKSDA Sumatera Utara
NoteForest group Dolok Sipirok designated as Nature Reserve in 1982 by the Minister of Agriculture based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 226 / Kpts / Um / 4/1982, dated 8 April 1982. with an area of 6,970 Ha. Before being designated as a nature reserve, the forest group of Dolok Sipirok is a Protected Forest (Register 10).Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve is located not far from the Dolok Sibual-buali Nature Reserve, thus both have similar forest ecosystems, as well as the topography, soil, climate and fauna flora. It is an ecosystem type of wet tropical rain forest in the highlands and mountains.


ProvinceSumatera Utara
City/RegencyKabupaten Tapanuli Selatan
DistrictKecamatan Sipirok
  1. Desa Silangge;
  2. Desa Ramba Sihasur


Elevation (mDpl);
type climate…? (Schmit&Ferguson)
–; Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council check …



Mt. Lubuk Raya; Mt. Sibual-buali


IdentificationFlora is dominated by the family Euphobiaceae, Myrtaceae, Anacardiaceae and Moraceae, Dipterocarpaceae, Rafflesia sp, Pinus merkusii Strain Tapanuli and others.It is also dominated by the Euphorbiaceae family, Myrtaceae, Anarcadiaceae and Moraceae, Dipterocarpaceae, Raflesia SP, Pinus Merkusii, Hornworn (Castanopsis Aeaecuminatissima), Hapas -Hapas (Exbucklandia populnea), Sengon (Albizia Procera), Beringin (Ficus SP). Situation of vegetation in the field is still relatively good, in the forest is still found many trees with diameter 1 m.

In addition to the type of large trees called, in the second strata found many saplings of trees and shrubs that meeting also found many flowering plants and orchids forests. In this area found many sources of water and small rivers that watery clear and cold.


  1. Orchid Hartinah (Cymbidium hartinahianum). Habitatnya found Rusdi E Nasution, a researcher from Herbarium LBN / LIPI Bogor in 1976, in the Village Baniara Tele District Daily Tapanuli Utara. Being outside the forest area, precisely in the garden area of ​​the population, which is estimated to live only approximately 1200 square meters. This type of orchid grows well in the open among the grasses as well as other plants such as ferns, semar bags, and others at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. This orchid is an orchid of land that grows cultivated. The leaves are tapered tape with a length of 50-60 cm. The flowers are thick-textured stars. The leaves of the petals and leaves of the crown are almost as large, the top surface is yellowish green and the underside is brown with yellow at the edges. Its endemic status is threatened thus this orchid is a protected plant. (BKSDA Sumut)
  2. The orchid of Sumatra’s moon includes a protected plant with threatened status. (BKSDA Sumut)
  3. Vanda Sumatra including protected plants with threatened status. (BKSDA Sumut)

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IdentificationMamalia: Pelanduk (Tragulus Napu), Kijang (Muntiacus muntjak), Trenggiling, Beruang madu, Landak (Hystrix branhyura),  Kucing batu (Felis Marmorata),…Primata: Siamang (Symphalangus syndactylus), Ungko (Hylobates Agilis).

Burung: Poksai jambul putih (Garrulax Leucophus), Julang (Rhyticeros undulatus), Celepuk (Otus SP), Matahari ekor panjang (Heterophasia picaides)…

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