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The inhabitants of the world know that Indonesia is one of the beautiful tropical countries and is surrounded by oceans. However, few people know about the conservation area as well as the diversity of flora and fauna in Indonesia.
Therefore, at the end of 2015, I built an Indonesian language information blog about it. (See … forestid.blogspot.com)
Then it runs its time, many opinions from the conservation watchers in Indonesia to be more serious working on this project. They consider information about conservation and biodiversity, especially those who speak foreign languages are in need, and they suggest to create an institution and for his blog is expected to have their own domain.
Based on that, so at the beginning of 2017, I tried to create an institution, independently, called ‘Indonesian Forest’ and purchased domain-hosting indonesianforest.or.id.
The data I get is a result of comparisons between data from official sites and some articles, research papers in PDF and others.
The purpose of indonesianforest.or.id is:

  1. Record and provide information on conservation areas in Indonesia, which is divided into nature reserves, nature parks, wildlife sanctuaries, forest parks and national parks.
  2. Recording and providing information on mountains, rivers and lakes,
  3. Record and provide information on endemic flora and fauna of Indonesia.

My hope then, at the end of 2017 can finish 70% indonesianforest.or.id. However, actually, I only carry out the writing of some of the conservation areas. Still has not written information about mountains, rivers, lakes, flora and fauna endemic in Indonesia.
Lots of problems that I face, technically and non technical. Frankly before, I do not have an office yet. So far to do the website, I do in coffee shops that have wifi access. not to mention server issues with limited storage capacity.

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